The Honorable

A highly pampered young medical undergraduate, whose father had invested so heavily in his education and who was the pride of his parents, derails from his course in the university and joins a secret cult.

In the course of his initiation, he discovers to his chagrin that his highly revered father, who was one of the economic pillars of the society, was indeed one of the secret patrons of the murderous organization. He discovers further that his once adored father must have made his billions from the criminal activities of the organization.

A later chance discovery by the distraught father that his treasured only son was a new entrant into the criminal gang sets off an instant deep-seated remorse from the father that was to lead him into violation of the sworn tenets of the organization.

These tenets included an order “never to quit” at the level at which he was. The reprisals from the evil organization were instant.

Other beneficiaries of the evil gang and protégés of the absconded kingpin got into governance and were to pollute what was otherwise a highly revered legislative body.

Greed and avarice were to lead to mutual mistrust and destruction.

The emergence of a new generation of leaders out of the ashes of virtual Armageddon appeared to hold out some light at the end of the tunnel:

A new generation, new hope, a new breath of fresh air were to emerge.

For a people held down for too long by a cabal that had its fangs thrust so deep into the flesh of the society!

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