Dr. Ogbuebe was recently promoted as consultant physician-in-charge of his department after the retirement of his boss. His life was good and his medical practice was doing well, but his subtle rebellious nature brought him conflicts with the overall leadership of the hospital.

When a disagreement emerged between the federal government and the Medical Doctors Association, Dr. Ogbuebe was in trouble when he went on to declare a strike action. This started the terrifying consequences that his family must deal with. Armed men attacked them in their house, but it was never investigated. It was followed by another attack on the road from their visit to their son in school.

It was in the light of those events that he realized the security of his family was not assured. From that point, he was contemplating to relocate his family. America is the place where he had to bring his family. He knew it was probably the most far-reaching decision he was going to make. He knew that many sacrifices must be made. But there was no turning back.

With his wife and son, he set off to the United States of America. And in this land he would start his new journey and adventure—victims of memory loss came into view.

What would his life be in America? Wasn’t his coming late? How would Dr. Ogbuebe deal with the residents who were struggling with their illness? What was the relevance of his experience to his life? How would society benefit from this experience?

This is a wonderful story of giving up the home he loved so much, starting a new journey, and touching lives of the people who are in deep suffering with their illness.

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