Taste Of The West

In every nook of the world, we find some people who live with their own sets of rules and norms. They live with patterned traditions and guided with their own culture. They live in what they call the village, where a head governs them. The members of the village are there to obey and to follow the implemented rules and they are bound to punishment when they fail to do so.

However, life of the villagers might be very interesting. But most of them are unaware of the outside world, the technologies and other things they should have seen and learned. However, there are instances when some members of a village would long for something that would bring them to the path leading out of the village. Dr. Oliver Akamnonu shares a beautiful saga of a boy whose dreams carry him to see the wonders of civilization in his book, Taste Of The West.

Nadike is the son of a villager who had three wives, his mother, Namee, being the junior wife. His birth was a great joy for his family, especially that of his father, Emineke. Time had passed and he grew up in the fullness of his parent’s love. With strong devotion to God, the church inspired his dream to become a priest. Passing the tests, he would set off from his village, Umunta, to embrace new things and have a Taste Of The West.

Everything Nadike witnessed in the West overwhelmed him and further deepened and strengthened his desire to serve God through his people. He made friends from Europe, and the United States of America. And his travels to Austria, Germany, Britain, Canada, and the United States greatly broadened his views about many issues. But despite the splendors that he saw, he still longed for home to see his family and his people.

Nadike’s travels to the West have made a great difference in his life. It made him realize that he wanted help make life more meaningful for humanity. He wanted to see where and how he could utilize some of the things he had seen and learned in the West to the advantage of his people in Umunta. The African village boy’s Taste Of The West had been accomplished.

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