Big Apple to Bay State

BIG APPLE TO BAY STATE is the 5th book in the continuing series called “The Suppers Series”. It is a meticulously-crafted fictionalized, real-life-based story of the life journey of a naturalized American citizen who was earlier born into a polygamous African family of a father, with eight wives and forty six children.

Dege the principal character was the 3rd of 46 children of his father and the first of the six children of his mother. The series eloquently narrates Dege’s years growing up, going to school, passing through an excruciating civil war, then medical school, and ultimately his immigration to the United States of America where he took up citizenship and was to literally start life anew. He initially, on his own volition, ministered to the best but most challenged of America, the finest men and women who had unfortunately lost their minds to Alzheimer’s disease and who had to be confined in a facility.

However, a new horizon was to open up to this adventurous son of Africa from some seven thousand miles away from home as from the sunny West coast he relocated first to New York City and later to Massachusetts.

Interlacing with matching poetry, Big Apple to Bay State narrates the joys and vicissitudes of urban New York City with its congestion, subways, 24-hour ceaseless buzz, and dazzling neon lights and the sharp contrasts for Dege as he and his wife relocate to a more remote, yet highly sophisticated Western Massachusetts community with multitudes of cooperating if not competing higher educational institutions. The adventure continues as the senior goes back to school and finds fulfillment rehearsing many unfamiliar volumes of books.

Eloquent and captivating stories meticulously crafted like no other, subtly persuading, subtly challenging; stories which glue the attention of the reader from the beginning to the end. Although a continuing series, each book in “the Suppers Series” can stand independent of the others as each tells a unique and captivating story.

The earlier 4 books in “The Suppers Series” are "Suppers of Many Dishes part 1", "Suppers of Many Dishes Part 2", "Coming Late to America" and "A Spot to Perch".

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