The traditions and religious beliefs of the Africans were strong before and immediately following the advent of Christianity. These rich traditions and religious beliefs which included belief in polygamy, belief in one supreme God with many lesser gods and abhorrence of antisocial behavior such as the stealing of yams and kidnapping, sustained these African societies but these were soon to come into confl ict with the advent of Christianity and western civilization. The desire of Nadike to wear blessed medals and to become a celibate priest was to come into head-on collision with that of his pagan father Emenike who would want to have the opulence associated with celibate priests while rejecting a closure of his family tree in the absence of a male heir, brought the attendant confl icts to prominence in a society that found itself at the crossroads between modernity and pagan beliefs. The seed coat of the delicious fruit appeared sour but the jewels were hidden in the core.

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