Suppers of Many Dishes

Is This Child Born For Greatness or Tragedy?

Unravel the life of this village boy who has to partake SUPPERS OF MANY DISHES to know and discover his destiny.

Suppers of Many Dishes follows the enduring exploits and misadventures of a child born in the home of a traditional birth attendant. He lives with his grandmother but later gets back to his mother who happens to be the fourth wife in a family of eight wives and forty-six children. As he grows up, the child learns to fight and defend himself. His attack against a bigger cousin earns him a “transfer” to his father’s business abode. After going to school and earning admission into an elite secondary school, a civil war breaks out forcing him to back his “roots.”

Now a village boy, he comes face to face with destiny: will he get involved with a system luring him into politics or not? Read the book to find out.

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